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Quick reminder, if you have not entered the Vans for J.Crew giveaway in my last post you have until Sunday 4/23/17. It ends at 5 pm EST. Thanks guys!

I just received these shoes from C.QP this past Thursday. This certain style is the Racquet Low in Beige. The color first off is outstanding. I paired it with a lighter and dark pair of denim which you can see above. They both match the shoes very well. The suede upper is outstanding on these sneakers and it truly shows the quality of them. I ended up getting a 10 which I am a 10.5 typically but they fit perfectly, not to tight and not to loose. They do retail for a whopping $320 but let me tell you, they are well worth it.

Tonight was a movie night, I decided to go out and watch the new Fast and Furious movie. Since it was a nice cool spring night I decided to wear these sneakers for the first time. Anyways, I was expecting them to be a little stiff for the first time. I was completely wrong. They felt like I already had broken them in due to the soft suede upper. I cannot wait to wear these without socks and my ankles out! I already have an outfit picked out to pair these with shorts. I guess I can tell you now. I would go with my Navy shorts from J.Crew with a white long sleeve Oxford button down from JACHS. Im sure you will see it featured on my Instagram page sooner than later. Overall, I definitely recommend these sneakers and they are well, well worth it. Your friends will be jealous I can promise you that.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to drop it in the comments below. Last thing, what is your  favorite sneaker brand? I would love to hear your answers! Thanks guys!


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