How to Become an Influencer Pt. 1 Introduction

How to Become an Influencer Part 1, Introduction

Hi guys, just to start off my name is Hunter Vought. I have worked with many brands just in the past year like Express, JACHS, Greats Brand, Sutro Footwear, NN07, Koio Collective, Nautica and many more. You can follow my Instagram page by clicking on my handle @hunter_vought. I get this question a lot, “How do you actually work with brands and get free stuff?” I thought I would make a series to help you out. To start off I want to give you some info about what this series will consist of. This will be broken down into three parts. Part 1 Introduction, Part 2 Creating Content / Getting Noticed, and Part 3 Monetizing. Lets start with Part 1 today. This is me sharing what I have learned in the past year with you.

Part 1 Introduction, (Finding your niche)

First off you will want to figure out what you would like your page to consist of. Find your niche that you are passionate about.  I can’t stress this enough, pick something that you love and stick to it. Nothing is harder than doing something that you are not truly passionate about. Another thing would be to pick something that you are knowledgable about. It makes creating content and blog posts that much easier when you know what you are talking about when sharing it with your audience.

Part 1 Introduction, (Social Media Platforms)

When you have selected your niche its time to start making your social media pages. Before you even do that make sure to create two emails. One to create your accounts and one for you to put out there for brands to contact you. This helps protect your accounts from getting hacked.


I suggest creating a page on every social media platform. The four main platforms you should focus on are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Snap chat, Google+, and Pinterest,  do come in handy but it is not necessary. YouTube is good if you can incorporate video with your niche. Why use all of them you might ask? You can bounce off of your own pages telling your audience to follow your Twitter from your Instagram page and etc. By doing this you can grow all platforms at once. Blogging / having a website is one option but not really necessary. If you are looking into blogging use WordPress. It is easy to use and free. There are plenty of tips that I have learned to grow my social media pages which I will share with you, just sign up on my website and stay tuned. Click here to sign up now.

Part 1 Introduction, (Closing tips)

Make your Social Media pages your own. Put your face out there along with your name. It might be scary but well worth it to brands. Your audience has this comfort about knowing who they are following so do not hide behind the camera. This comes along with content that you will be posting. I will discuss this later on don’t worry. The picture below is of myself. It took me sometime to get my face out there because I was kind of scared but Im glad I did in the end.


I will try to make these articles short and to the point. Make sure though to subscribe to my website to stay up to date and be the first to know when Part 2 Creating Content / Getting noticed comes out. I will discuss what kind of equipment is necessary as well and other critical aspects of being an Influencer. If you have any questions ask them in the comments section down below. I will be more than happy to answer them.


    1. I started Instagram January 2016 so it has been about a year and a half! I didn’t start working with brands till August 2016 so a little under a year! I didn’t really know how to get in touch with brands but I learned quickly! I wanted to do this full time so that I could work for myself! Thanks for the question!

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