My Fitness Journey | Update Pt. 1


Hi everybody, I have been wanting to do this blog post for a while now. I just have not been able to get around to it. Most of you know if you don’t it is ok I will update you. I have been on this so-called “Fitness Journey,” for more than 12 weeks. Around that point I kind of went off the grid with it. Well, I am back. I did not stop working out I just have been busy with traveling and planning for big things ahead like my own 16 week work out program. Yes guys I will have my own program out. I do not know when that will be but I can promise you it will be incredible. I want it to be perfect so I am taking my time. These pictures were taken around 6 weeks into my program I believe. I will have an updated blog post on my progress and my workout program next week or the week after. For now you can subscribe to my website and my YouTube channel: Hunter Vought. I will start uploading every week with work out videos and more. This was just a little update post since I went MIA on a lot of you with the work out stuff.

Do you guys like the VoTrends tee? Would you rep my brand? Anyways, keep pushing forward guys with whatever life throws at you and…be a trend setter.


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