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Boots vs Sneakers For The Fall

November 13, 2018

Happy Monday! The title says it all. Let me know in the comments what you like more, boots or sneakers? Check out the outfits I put together below featuring a few of my favorites when it comes to footwear.


Boots by: Paul Evans, The Newman Chukka Boot


Boots by: Sutro Footwear, (discontinued). They have really good alternatives you can check out here, (Use code “hunter15” to get 15% OFF).


Boots by: Sutro Footwear, (discontinued).They have really good alternatives you can check out here, (Use code “hunter15” to get 15% OFF).


Sneakers by: GREATS, The Royale Reverse


Sneakers by: Cole Haan, GrandPro Tennis Sneaker, (Check out my review on these sneakers by clicking here).


Sneakers by: Aldo Shoes, Godia

If I had to choose I would probably pick sneakers right now. I love my white sneakers but with wearing boots lately they have been growing on me more and more. If you are on a budget I highly suggest buying a white pair of sneakers and a brown pair of boots. You have two pairs of shoes but both will go with everything and anything. They are both staples for any guys wardrobe. When it comes to choosing between a sneaker and boot with an outfit if you want something a little more casual go with the sneakers. If you would like to dress an outfit up a tad go with the boots. It will still have a casual look but it adds some sophistication. I hope this short post helps you with pick between boots or sneakers. Let me know what you would go with in the comments below. New post coming Friday as well. Stay tuned and subscribe to my mailing list to stay up to date!

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