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Brooklyn New York Travel Guide | The Williamsburg Hotel

October 8, 2018


Hey everyone! Last weekend I spent a night at The Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn New York. It was great to discover some new things outside of Manhattan. I wanted to share with you a few spots that I looked up and even visited during my stay. First things first, The Williamsburg Hotel was incredible. It is a five-star hotel and it comes with the five star service. I highly suggest booking with them during your next trip to New York. The location is nice if you are not looking to stay in the busy downtown scene of NYC. I found it very quiet and very nice to go back to after a long day of walking and discovering new places. They have a rooftop pool which has incredible views, a very good restaurant, free coffee in the morning, (can’t beat that if you are a coffee lover like me) and so much more.

Sunday morning Natalie and I went to breakfast to this place right around the corner called, Sweet Chick, (Natalie is my girlfriend).The breakfast was amazing and the prices were pretty affordable for two people. I got a bacon, egg and cheese bagel with hash browns which were out of this world. Not to mention they have chicken and waffles if you are a very big fan of that combo. If you are looking for a quick bite and affordable breakfast I highly recommend checking this place out.

Next up is Dumbo Brooklyn. I have been here plenty of times before this stay but I thought it would be worth mentioning. It is right by the Brooklyn bridge and the Manhattan bridge. You can easily uber there from The Williamsburg Hotel in like five minutes. You can get a great view of all of Manhattan and even walk on the Brooklyn bridge. If you are looking to get great pictures there, I highly suggest waking up for sunrise because no one will be there. Plus the sunrise is pretty cool in New York. There is also a very famous pizza shop there that is delicious. It is called Juliana’s Pizza. You get that classic brick oven pizza which you never can go wrong with. Again, the pizza is not too expensive and well worth trying.

Last but not least is the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. I have never been there but I heard it is amazing. You might have seen some famous pictures on the web of blogger / influencers getting pictures in what it seems like a train with absolutely no people in it. That is because not that many people know about it since it is in Brooklyn. I thought those people just got a lucky shot but the subways in Manhattan are crazy so I did a little digging and found this place thanks to Natalie. I highly recommend checking this place out and getting an awesome Instagram banger.

Sorry I did not include that many photos for this guide but this is my first one that I have done during my travels. You can expect way more of this moving forward. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little travel guide for a fun weekend getaway in Brooklyn. Remember to check out The Williamsburg Hotel for an awesome experience and views of Manhattan. Happy Sunday!




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    October 17, 2018 at 12:36 pm

    Decent post! Really interesting and great pictures! Can I ask what you have taken the pictures with?

    • Reply
      Hunter Vought
      October 22, 2018 at 1:36 am

      Thank you man! I use a Sony a7r iii with a 35mm lens! It’s fantastic. Pricey but well worth it!

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