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Hard Work Pays Off | Paragon Fitwear

September 12, 2018


I hope everyone has been having a fantastic week. I wanted to share with you a new brand that I have been repping the past few weeks in the gym. They make high quality fitness clothes at a great price. They are Paragon Fitwear. You can check out their Instagram by clicking here.

First off their tanks are everything that I have been looking for. If you are like me and like cut off shirts in the gym you’ll love their Sloan Muscle Tank. It doesn’t ride up your arm pits like most muscle tanks. I personally hate that and I find it very uncomfortable. The material is super soft and moisture wicking which is what most people like in work out clothes. That goes for all of their products too just like the joggers that I am wearing and the hoodie. I enjoy the flexibility that you have with their products to. I do not normally wear joggers in the gym because I usually find them uncomfortable. When I wore their Medina Joggers I did not find that a problem at all. Since then I have been alternating between joggers and shorts when I go to the gym now. For the hoodie, I just wear that to and from the gym haha.

If you would like to get 10% off your whole order you can click here and you will automatically get the 10% off. Happy shopping!

Just to keep you all updated I will be releasing my full work out program soon enough. I am in the midst of changing things up and seeing what works best. It will have up to 16 weeks of training to get in shape, music playlists for your music needs, and meal recipes. It seriously cannot get much easier than that for you to start. If you have any questions about the clothes, working out, fashion or anything in general comment down below. Also, make sure to subscribe to my website. You will get 25% off when my program releases. Thank you!


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