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How To Style A Hoodie With A Suit

October 22, 2018

Welcome back everyone. Today I am discussing with you on how to style a hoodie with a suit. A lot of people in my recent Instagram posts have said that they have not tried this recent trend. I personally love this look. it is super comfortable but also very stylish. Let me know where you stand if a hoodie and a suit is a good combination in the comments below. Best response will get a shout out on Instagram. Don’t forget to add your Instagram handle.

Alright, below there are three looks that I put together that included a suit and a hoodie. All outfits were worn with sneakers which many of you might have noticed if you skipped this portion to look at the outfits. So, how do you rock a hoodie with a suit? There are 3 main points that I will discuss with you below to pull off this look for the fall/winter.

First off, you should try to wear sneakers with your outfit when it comes to this combination. The hoodie adds more of a street styled look so the sneakers will compliment the hoodie very well. I suggest going with a white pair but that’s just me. I love white sneakers. I suggest checking out Oliver Cabell for all of your sneaker needs. You can use code “Hunter2018” to get $20 OFF your purchase and FREE shipping as well. Next tip that I wanted to mention is to get your pants tailored. Make them look slim and have the bottoms come right above your ankle. This will really change the whole look in a good way of course.

Secondly, I suggest getting a sweatshirt that is not baggy. I know I love over sized sweatshirts to but trust me. Getting a sweatshirt that fits you correctly will look great and look sleek. I suggest checking out H&M since their hoodies fit very nicely. You can click here to shop their Hooded Sweatshirt. They are very affordable too at $24.99. If you are on a budget I would definitely get your classic colors like a grey and black hoodie to start.

Last but not least, adding a pocket square to your look. I know, I know the last outfit I did not add one. I wish I did though. I was always told to dress a suit up you should wear a pocket square if you are not wearing a tie. Since you are dressing down the suit, a pocket square will add a little class to your look. I got the camo pocket square from Banana Republic’s Kevin Love collection and it goes with more than you think. You can shop that by clicking here. If you want your base colors check out by clicking here.

There you have it. Just a short guide on how to style a hoodie with a suit. Don’t forget to write your thoughts in the comments as well on this latest trend to get a free shout out on my Instagram. Best comment wins. Happy Sunday!

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    October 22, 2018 at 1:28 am

    Good read. Good tip to go fitted on the sweater. All of my suits are tailored exactly to my measurements so im wondering if you went up a size in the blazer so the jacket isnt tight when you rock the sweater. Keep the great feed and info coming! @thejackofallthreads

    • Reply
      Hunter Vought
      October 22, 2018 at 1:38 am

      Thank you so much for the response. I actually get a 40S in all of my blazers and I don’t really need any alterations to them. They fit pretty snug. That’s why I suggest getting a more fitted sweatshirt. That should get the job done. I wouldn’t suggest buying a blazer just for hoodies. You’d want your blazer to fit you well so it’s more versatile!

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    October 22, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    A hoodie is the most underrated layering piece to combine comfort and style. I do enjoy how you compliment the casual look with the sneakers Hunter, especially with the minimal design. If I may add, a leather Chelsea boot would be a great way to put it all together with more of a dressier look – perhaps if you’re going out on a Friday night or any place with a bit of a dress code. Keep up the great content hunter!

    IG: Staywellfitted

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