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My First Photoshoot | Suit Supply

April 29, 2018


Hi everyone! I am just going to jump right into things today. I just had my first photo shoot with Suit Supply which you can check out their page here: It was at the William Valle Hotel in Brooklyn, New York. I was so grateful to be a part of their SS18 photo shoot. This was my first shoot and definitely one to remember. I wore two outfits but the one above that I was wearing was my favorite and probably one of my all time favorite looks. Every piece of clothing that I had on was lightweight which was perfect for the warmer weather on the day of the shoot. Below are the pieces that I wore along with the links to shop the look. I am in no way sponsored by Suit Supply I just thought I would share this awesome experience with you guys along with the awesome outfit.

Blazer: Havana Navy Plain, $499.00

Waistcoat: Blue Waistcoat, $139.00

Henley: White Henley T-Shirt, $59.00

Pants: Light Grey Trousers, $189.00

Sneakers: Sand Sneakers, $179.00

My first thought on this outfit was, “Wow, I do not know how this is going to look on me.” I doubted it at first but once I put it all together I truly loved this outfit. It was classy but so casual at the same time. The added waistcoat was definitely a nice touch on Suit Supply’s end. Moral of the story is if you don’t think you can pull something off just give it a go and you might love the way it looks on you. If you like it and someone else doesn’t who cares! Dress the way you want to dress!

I hope you guys have a great rest of your week. There will be new blog posts through out this week. Don’t forget to subscribe to my website for fashion inspiration and so much more if you are new reader. I really appreciate it. Thank you guys!

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