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My Fitness Journey | Update Pt. 2

June 4, 2018



Well it has been another two weeks since I got a blog post up, but it’s the blog post I promised to update you with, “My Fitness Journey | Update Pt.2.” This past week I had the opportunity to shoot for Strong Body Apparel. Right off the bat you can tell Strong Bodies Pulse Elite Tee, which is featured above, is very nice. I know most people say “who cares what you look like or what you wear in the gym?”. I think that if you look good, you feel good… in any case especially while working out. Am I right? The thin line that runs down the middle of the back of the shirt is a nice touch by Strong Body. The tee is moisture wicking, super lightweight, wrinkle resistant and a 4-way stretch material.

I was able to get my hands on their Everything Shorts as well which has a 7″ inseam. I think they are a little on the short size. I do like my shorts longer in length- so definitely go with their Performance Shorts which has a 9″ inseam. They are super comfortable when it comes to performance because of the 4 way stretch which gives you a wide range of mobility. Hopefully, I can review the Performance Shorts that Strong Body offers sooner than later. You can buy the tee and shorts for yourself by clicking which one you want below.

The Pulse Elite Tee, $88.00

Performance Shorts, $98.00

I wanted to talk a little about the next couple of months. I am in the midst of my new workout plan that will be available by the end of October if not hopefully sooner. You can check out my transformation from two years ago till now. Of course it took a lot of time and I had my ups and downs. Subscribe to my mailing list to get updates on my work out plan and to get the actual release date. Thanks guys. If you have any questions just comment below or DM me on Instagram @huntervought.






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