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Spending the Day with $300K Exotic Cars

July 3, 2018


Hi everybody! I have finally fixed my website and I am back. Last weekend I headed north to my parents other house for a little get away. My dads good friend was kind enough to show us around his house and his cars. We were able to get out the Ferrari 488 and McLaren 720s. They were incredible to see in person! The 488 really caught my eye. The details of the interior were out of this world. As you can see in the first picture I was able to sit in it. I will be coming back in August to drive these bad boys so stay tuned for that. Which car should I drive first when I go back? Comment below.

I decided to wear a few new items that I received from Abercrombie. The cardigan was by far my favorite piece from this outfit. The cardigan really dressed this look up just a tad. The tan color is perfect for the summer and the fall which is a bonus. Who doesn’t like transitioning and wearing their summer clothes into the cooler months? I know I do! You could also take the cardigan off and get a whole new casual look of just the white tee and light wash denim. I listed all of the items that I was wearing during this day below.

Cardigan: Shawl Cardigan, Abercrombie, SALE $39

Tee: Active Slim Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee, Perry Ellis, $39.95

Denim: Skinny Jeans (They aren’t that skinny), Abercrombie, SALE $31.50

Sneakers: Capri Bianco, Koio Collective, $248

If you have any questions you always can DM me on Instagram: @huntervought


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