Spring Wardrobe Must Haves, Nifty Genius’s Zip Leisure Jacket

May 9, 2017


It has been a couple days since I made a post. I apologize for that, but I do have brand new content for you coming out that I think you guys will absolutely love. Yes I will be modeling the outfits so you guys can see what they look like one. I will also continue to make the outfit grids as well. Do you guys like this new way of showcasing my outfits? Leave your answers down below in the comments I would love to hear your feedback. Alright enough of that, lets dive into todays spring wardrobe must have now.

Today I wanted to highlight one specific piece of clothing that I love. It is the Zip Leisure Jacket from Nifty Genius. It is perfect for the spring showers and will be perfect for those cooler sunny days in the summer. The sea sucker navy looks great which you can really see in the close up of the watch that I am wearing. It is lightweight and breathable and I am pretty sure those are the best qualities of a spring jacket or any jacket in that case. It is water proof of course and has a very “nifty” hood. All you do is unzip the collar and the hood comes right out whenever it is raining. It gives it a nice sporty look when the hood is tucked away. You can shop this specific jacket by clicking here: Zip Leisure Jacket Nifty Genius (Use code “HV20” to get 20% OFF your purchase).

You can shop the rest of my outfit down below:

Tee (alternative): Anchor T-Shirt J.Crew

Chinos: Marko 1200 Khaki NN07

Sneakers: Capri Bianco Koio Collective

Watch: Classic Roosevelt Defyex

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