LSTN Headphones, Accessory Must Have

May 3, 2017

NN07Nautica 3LSTN

So I just received these new headphones a few days ago and they are stunning. I thought I would share them with you so you could pick up a pair if you are interested. You can shop them by clicking here: Ebony Wood Troubadours

Right off the bat when I opened the box they came in I instantly noticed the wood housing which you can see in a very detailed picture above. The wood looks amazing, it does not look cheap, its sharp and eye appealing. I noticed the retro style of the headphones as well which you do not see often now a days. The band of the headphone is a vegan leather band which adds additional comfort while wearing them over time. The real upside is that they are not your typical headphones. They are very stylish when matching it with your outfits which I tend to do. Its a huge trend right now.

To wrap this up I will end on what these have to offer. They are $200 retail but the quality is outstanding. Not only that they are wireless and connect to your phone via bluetooth. Who doesn’t like wireless headphones? I find that the wire typically gets in the way. It hold its charge up to 8 hours as well, and if it does end up dying on you it does include a non-tangled cord which should be every type of cord am I right?

Let me know your thoughts by commenting down below if you would like me to do more of these reviews. I am down for anything and everything. Thanks guys.


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